About Me

My fundamental belief in my work as a coach is that one can only take their client as far as they themselves have travelled. I was – and continue to be – my own first client. Anything I will ask you to do, I have done myself. I have been on my own healing journey since 2008 and embrace my awareness that I remain a work in progress.

As a certified family of origin life coach, my specialty is understanding how the human being works, what their emotional needs are, and how they get stuck.

My education and training in various mind-body modalities provide me with an array of options for custom coaching my clients.

Deeply grasping Pia Mellody’s five core issues: Self Esteem, Boundaries, Reality, Self Care and Moderation and learning to apply them to their daily lives is often a transformative experience for my clients.

As is learning to reparent the inner child (the part of us still stuck in old, dysfunctional behavior patterns). This critical work involves acquiring skills that take you from feeling like a helpless child with no resources to a functional adult with choices.

Being There For The Community


As a recovery coach at GYE (Guard Your Eyes), I counsel women whose husbands suffer from pornography addiction. Often these women feel they have no recourse but to live out their lives in misery. My training in SMART addiction recovery and knowledge of the 12 step recovery programs, equips me to expertly guide them to a more empowered self.

My passion for helping those suffering from relational trauma led me to found TAP (Trauma Awareness Program), which took on the pioneering work of training therapists and providing education and intensive workshops for adults seeking healing from childhood wounds.