Inner Child Breakthrough

Masterclass for women

Understand the root cause of Codependency and what’s holding you back from

living your true potential

Are you frustrated in your day-to-day life; do you feel like you’re not living up to your true potential?

Do you find yourself repeating the same old familiar patterns; no matter how many times you try to break free, you keep getting stuck ?

Are you seeking real connection, and finding it hard to create and sustain meaningful relationships?

Are you constantly searching outside of yourself to feel your value and sense of purpose?

If you answered yes to these questions, and you’re tired of chasing your symptoms, then I invite you to join me for an exclusive BREAKTHROUGH MASTERCLASS, where you will begin to make sense out of your life and get the clarity and empowerment you need to move forward!

Come nurture your inner child

In this Introduction Masterclass, based on the groundbreaking work of Pia Mellody, you will gain insight into the nature and needs of your inner child and learn powerful reparenting strategies to:


yourself regardless of what’s going on in your life


yourself with both internal and external boundaries


yourself and learn how to be vulnerably appropriate with others


yourself and learn how to communicate your needs and wants


yourself and remove the drama to live a more balanced wholesome life

FREE Inner Child Song 


Hi, I’m Sylky, a Reparenting Coach. I guide my clients through a journey of “Repair-enting” their Inner Child so they can heal and thrive in their Adult Selves, and create meaningful and loving relationships. I believe our relationships can only be as healthy as we are emotionally mature. “Codependency” and “Developmental Immaturity” are interchangeable words, and describe what comes from not being adequately nurtured in childhood. That’s why we have an epidemic of adults in our society running their lives from their younger selves. Learning this work has been life-changing for me and my relationships, and I would love to see you experience a breakthrough in your life too. The healing you desire is possible. Your Inner Child needs YOU to nourish her so you can become who you were meant to be. The life you deserve awaits you. Go get it!


Sylky Resnicoff

I have gained immeasurably from Sylky’s classes. She has a great deal of professionalism, skill, knowledge and practical experience. She shares all of these qualities with humility, compassion, caring and kindness. Her classes are interactive, informative, enjoyable and dynamic. She makes learning, growing and working on yourself enjoyable and fulfilling.

Chanie (age: 52), NJ

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