Unwrapping the gift of YOU.

Get your coaching in the style that works best for you.

Some individuals need to work at their own pace.

Individualized Coaching

It’s not enough just to know something in your head. To truly heal, you must know it in all the cells of your body. It’s not enough to know that your parents were emotionally unavailable, that they favored your brother over you or that you were the scapegoat of the family. You must be able to integrate that knowledge.

That’s what inner child work and Pia Mellody’s 5 core issues combined with body work is all about.


As your life coach, I am committed to helping you heal on all levels – on a body level, an emotional level and a spiritual level. Together, we will map out a personalized set of strategies and tools to ensure lasting changes in your life today.


I honor your commitment to the journey; that means honoring the process. So, while sessions are typically 50 minutes long and take place once or twice weekly for a minimum of 12 sessions, I will always defer to your individual needs.

Some individuals thrive on the support of a group

Interactive Group Coaching

In this venue, through interacting with each other, participants feel validated, understanding they’re not alone in their struggles. I coach a small group (limit five people) via phone or in person, depending on the needs of the group.

Six Week Webinar Series

In this non- interactive educational online series, we cover the five core issues of Pia Mellody (Self Esteem, Boundaries, Reality, Self Care and Moderation). Call in at any time of day and a recording is available at your convenience.

Three Day Intensive Workshops

Based upon request and need, I offer customized multiple day intensive programs.
In this three – four full day educational and experiential process, participants (limited to five people) learn to identify and address childhood relational trauma. You will learn to identify coping mechanisms that kept you safe in childhood, but are no longer working for you today.


This program is about resolving old grief and integrating new tools and strategies for living a healthy emotional life.

3 day intensive

Caution: An intensive workshop is just the way it sounds. Intense. If you are not ready for an experience that will have you bare your soul, then it may not be wise to apply today. However, if you are, it is an incredibly powerful experience that is sure to fast forward you on your healing journey.